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HP Series High Performance Hand Pallet Truck
Highest quality pump with special lowering valve and anti-overload system FEATURES Hydraulic s..
AC50 Series Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Truck
Extra heavy duty design that easily handle the extra weight up to 5000kgFEATURES Hydraulic sys..
AC Series Standard Hand Pallet Truck
Standard of excellence and suitable for moving loads in all types of applications FEATURES ..
AC-LP Series Low Profile Hand Pallet Truck
Designed with a low clearance for special handling that involved a very low pallet or skid where a s..
AC-Special Series Special Size Hand Pallet Truck
Comes with special size models to meet special requirement FEATURES Hydraulic syste..
AC-HG Series Hot Dipped Galvanized Hand Pallet Truck
Ideal usage in corrosive or wet environments such as food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries whe..
AC-SS Series Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck
Stainless steel hand pallet truck for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, clean room, food and wet en..
AC-R Series Reel Carrying Hand Pallet Truck
Reel carrying hand pallet truck designed for carrying horizontal transport loads such as rolls, reel..
AC-SR Series Side Roller Hand Pallet Truck
Special four (4) directional movement capability provides the flexibility to maneuver loads through ..
RTT Series Rough Terrain Truck
Designed for use on uneven and rocky surfaces like on building and construction sites, in garden cen..
AC-WSP Series Weight Scale Pallet Truck
Weight scale pallet truck have a maximum error of 0.1% even with floor condition that are uneven or ..
SLP Series Scissor Lift Pallet Truck
Equipped with quick lift function that doubles the lift speed for loads lighter than 200kgApplicable..
ESLP Series Electric Scissor Lift Pallet Truck
Equipped with electric power pack that have further advantages when working with heavy items and con..